2014 - Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine - Graduated Landsdown College

2014 - Acupuncture in pregnancy and birth – Kate Curtis, Wicklow, Ireland

2015 - Patent Herbal Chinese Formula – Kathleen Dowd, Newcastle College, Ireland 

2015 - Balance Method Acupuncture for pain relief – Dr Tan, Belgium

2015 - Infertility and the four phases of the menstrual cycle – Shulan Tang

2016 - Medical Pulse Diagnosis and Distal Needle Acupuncture – Bob Doane, London

2016 - Moxabustion, Medicine Fire of Life – Dr Suzanne Robidoux, Dublin Ireland

2016 - Medical Mushroom Nutrition – Dr Nuria Lorite, Dublin Ireland

2016 - Master Tung Blood Letting Therapy, Acupuncture for female reproductive health, Five Transport points master class
          - Newcastle College, Ireland

2017 - Applied Channel Theory – Dr Wang, Dublin, Ireland

2018 - Physiology of the woman between shen (spirit) and xue qi (blood and qi) - Elizabeth Rochat De La Vallee, Dublin Ireland

2018 - Advanced Balance Method Acupuncture – Dr Tan, Paris

2019 - Trevor Wing Gynaecology & Obstetrics Diploma Course



2012/14 – Whilst studying Chinese Medicine Sam volunteered in the lifeflow center in Newbrige Kildare. This allowed her to gain invaluable experience working in a large disipinary Acupuncture drop-in center which saw its door open to a vast array of different ailments and conditons which sam got to work on along side the top therapists. The experience was invaluable and Sam gained a huge amount of confidence in her treatment protocol and therefore graduated from college with not only a theoretical confidence but also a strong practicle experience.


2014/15 - after Graduating Sam volunteered her services at ARC (cancer support center) on South Circular Road. she became the resident acupuncturist for six months where she treated and helped many people who’s lives had been affected by cancer.



2015 – present 

Sam divides her time between her two busy clinics based in the city centers two most thriving holistic centers, The Dublin Holistic Center on South William street and the Elbowroom in Smithfield.