Herbal Medicine

What's involved and how it works

In the system of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine every substance we ingest be it food or medicine affects us in one way or another. Both physically and mentally. Oftentimes this can be too subtle to detect. However, when taken in concentrated doses and with enough regularity and sufficiency, herbs can tangibly and remarkable effect one’s health and consciousness as it alleviates the undesired symptoms.

Herbal Medicine uses plants based on their medicinal properties and actions without the chemicals attached. It’s the world’s most ancient form of healing. In fact, most western medication is derived from these plants. Long before pure chemicals were manufactured in labs, people used plants for medicine.

If your practitioner feels you would benefit more from incorporating herbs into your treatment plan, then a personalized prescription will be given for you to take home and consume on a daily basis. This will help speedup recovery time.

Granulated herbs are used, these are highly concentrated powdered extracts custom-made for each patient. To prepare, patients mix the measured dose of granules with warm water and drink as a tea. Granules are popular because of their ease of preparation and their portability when traveling.